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LLAC provides media relations in the form of story development, news pitching, interview coordination, crisis management, and media coverage measurement using established relationships with media outlets.
Media Relations
  • Mass communication and publicity campaigns

  • Story development

  • News pitching

  • Media interview coordination

  • Crisis management

  • Media training

  • Media coverage measurement

  • Utilization of established relationships with broad range of national, regional, and local trade and consumer editorial media, including broadcast, print, and online outlets


LLAC provides event production through planning and execution, logistics, photography, travel, and the use of existing manager and agent connections to secure high-profile celebrities and talent.
Event Production
  • Planning and execution of all elements of events

  • Logistics, venue, security, food & beverage services, media attendance, photography, outside sourcing, and travel

  • Use of existing connections with managers and agents to procure high-profile individuals for client's event or venue to help maximize media coverage and bolster brand awareness and image


LLAC provides marketing through media planning, advertising campaigns, strategy development, brand management, marketing collateral, sponsorships, and business plan development.
  • Media planning

  • Advertising campaigns

  • Creative strategy development

  • Brand management for startup and growing organizations

  • Marketing collateral

  • Product planning

  • Business plan development

  • Identification, negotiation, and management of strategic alliances, partnerships, and sponsorships

LLAC provides social media services by promoting client events and media coverage, social media campaign strategy development, and blogger relations.
Social Media
  • Profile, fan page, and content creation

  • Client event promotion and media coverage

  • Social media campaign strategy development

  • Social media integration into marketing campaigns

  • Social media followship growth through fan and follower engagement

  • Blogger relations

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